9 Tips On Creating The Most Effective Landing Page

Let’s say you are starting an online marketing campaign for your business. You hired an amazing SEO expert and your organic search results are a thing of dreams, your AdWords campaign is fully optimized and you are getting desired results far below your budget, and your Facebook ad campaign is finding new customers daily. You have one problem though, your bounce rate is higher than ever, and your conversion rate is as low as can be.


Chances are your landing page is not ideal. You can have best practices for every other aspect of your online campaign, but not having an effective landing page is like a Millennial going to a music festival without Instagramming their experience, detrimental to what others perceive you. The potential customer sees your website, and leaves immediately. The landing page is everything and it should be top priority to have the most effective landing page. Your competitor is probably working for the perfect landing page, and what’s stopping the consumer from visiting their website?


In order for you to not be beat by your competitor, I have compiled tips to making the most effective landing page.


  1. CLEAR call to action – if i can’t see it within a second of the page being fully loaded, you’re doing it wrong
  2. Provide an offer for the customer doing what you asked – if they signed up for an e-mail newsletter or a free trial provide an offer for their attention your company
  3. Keep it clean and keep it simple – brief copy and ensure that everything is related to the company’s purpose
  4. Utilize colors to highlight important links or areas of interest – change the color of the call to action to distinguish it
  5. Provide reasons to why they should be YOUR customer – Provide features of what the product is going to do for the customer, and benefits, how will the product solve the consumer’s problems. Make it brief!
  6. Effective headline – in a split second the viewer knows what your company does
  7. Testimonials
  8. A/B test – Offer two different landing pages, track both, and determine which one is better
  9. Make landing mobile friendly


Follow these tips and you are sure to have a more effective landing page.

For extra help here are some articles that may help:






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