Can The Ever Intriguing Supreme Brand Be Replicated?

Being a marketer, I have found Supreme to be the most intriguing. They follow a formula that can only be successful if your brand is Supreme. Its formula? “Never being a sell out = always selling out products. Yes, you read that correctly, they follow a formula that is the extremely backwards to and business that wants to sell as much as they can


They release apparel and merchandise in very limited amounts and at the same time on a weekly basis. Thursday 11:00AM, like clockwork, receives an influx of customers, and within  minutes, products are sold out.


How does this happen? With little to know advertising, how do they manage to sell out? How do they maintain the highest level of brand loyalty? Most importantly, how can this be replicated?


Aside from their creative and acclaimed designs, they key to them selling out is never selling out. They have stuck to their roots since 1994. They have never tried to be anything else than Supreme. Never followed a trend or a fad, and never promoted commercially.


They strive to be the “cool” brand. This is done by the “coolest” of collaborators (Terry Richardson, KAWS, Cam’Ron, Louis Vuitton), and by the “coolest” celebrity endorsements. Frank Ocean, Kanye West, even Jonah Hill all of worn the brand on highly publicized television shows. Furthermore, what makes the brand cool, is how limited everything is. When you own a piece of Supreme, you own a almost one and only piece.


Back to my last question.. How can this be replicated? The fact of the matter is, it probably can’t. Supreme’s strategy is one of a kind and for any marketer to try to replicate this, I do not want to be Johnny Raincloud, but you will probably fail.


Best advice to any marketer or entrepreneur, use this as a case study. Learn the ins and outs of their marketing and try to take some of their strategies to maintain brand loyalty for your own business.


Here is their website for the intrigued


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