Is It Lit? – A Thoughtful Look Into Google’s Study on Generation Z

Back in March Google released a report on what Generation Z perceives as cool and how it compares to Millennials. Appropriately, the report is titled It’s Lit, a phrase used to describe something cool/fun/exciting. A phrase used by both Millennials and Generation Z a like.

I am no expert in generational demographics, but as a senior in college I do find myself socializing with both generations simultaneously. I am also big on following what is new and what is relevant and attempting to predict what may be relevant in the future (which may be a product of my generation and a product of me being a marketing major). So this study intrigued me to say the least. I thought to myself, there is finally quantifiable evidence to support what I think is cool and what I think others perceive as cool; and i was excited that I can potentially apply this to marketing because Millennials and Generation Z will soon have a large percentage of buying power.

After reading the report, I come to find out, it is definitely not Lit…. This is all based on opinions, experiences, and personal insights. I am an avid reader of fashion, music, and pop culture blogs and magazines. I am that guy in the social circle that is always ahead on trends. I do my best to know what is cool, what others think is cool, and what may be cool. I was disappointed to conclude this report failed to provide the reader with the rights insights of a Generation Z and/or Millennial.

Let us begin with the fact that Youtube and Google are brands that are perceived as the most cool. It might be worth noting that the same people behind Google and Youtube are the same people behind the report! Kind of fishy right?

Perhaps what was most surprising to me was the fact that Oreo was considered more cool than Supreme. Supreme, a highly successful skate and streetwear brand that sells out in minutes after a release that happens weekly. A brand that is worn by the very celebrities that are viewed by Generation Z as cool. How is this even possible or even justifiable Google? I am  no expert, but there is no way a snack is considered more cool than the iconic Supreme brand.

Don’t get me wrong, the report is not all bad. I can agree, Generation Z definitely does not think cars are as cool as Millennials think they are; and things that make Generation Z “feel” is definitely key to winning the cool award. There are some insightful and useful findings that a marketer can utilize in future campaigns.

My best advice to anyone reading the report to utilize for marketing purposes, take the results with a grain of salt. There is more to look into then just this report, but this is a great start.

Check out the actual report here


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