Never Forget The Power Of Physical Marketing

Although we are in a digital age, where data is utilized everywhere, where every page you click on has ads, where your browser decides what you may be interested in, and where you get more spam emails than anything else. Never forget the power of physical marketing.


This tip is especially essential for start ups. Physical marketing materials are a great way to boost brand awareness on a local level.


Last year I did consulting for a solar system company called Clear Vision Solar. After much research, my consulting team concluded that one of the best things he can do for his company at the level it was at, was to invest in professional looking physical marketing materials, The opportunities that the marketing materials posses, are the possibility of spreading brand awareness through the majority of Southern California. With added brand awareness, comes more sales, and with more sales, come a greater market share.

Clear Vision Solar did not have a single bit of marketing materials, with the distribution of marketing materials, the company had the potential to see tremendous growth in sales. Brochures, yard signs, door hangers, and flyers are all pieces of marketing materials that can be easily distributed among Southern California. According to, brochures serve a great deal of importance in terms of marketing benefits. Brochures serve as a versatile piece of marketing that holds a great deal of information, fits into different “marketing kits,” and can be created at a low cost. It is something to take to trade shows, give to prospective customers, or leave at door steps.


After completing my consulting for Clear Vision Solar, I learned a great deal on making effective marketing materials.


Some tips I learned to fully utilize marketing materials:


  1. Design them so it fits your brand
  2. Research so you don’t waste resources distributing to areas where your target market is absent
  3. Make the materials look professional. These days, it’s easier than ever to accomplish this
  4. Always use a call to action and provide contact information
  5. Highlight the best sale points
  6. Less words and more bulletpoints
  7. Clever subject line + helpful body content + strong CTA (call to action) + engagement

If you create the right marketing materials and apply proper distribution techniques, your company’s ROI for marketing materials is well above 1000% (depending on the industry).


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